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    What's happening? HELP!

    Hey guys!

    Well, I was building my level when I noticed something strange:
    If I try to make a room, the editor doesn't build it completely, it seems that is forgiving to add a part.

    It worked as usual during the construction of all the level, but now, suddently, started doing that in a specific part of the map.

    I checked it looking for a subtract cube or something that's making it going into a wrong way, but nothing.

    I want those cubes to be completely closed, for then adding the door holes; but I can't do it if that strange thing is appearing all the time...

    Here you are, some screenshots:

    I hope you guys will know what's happening

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Post number 100!

    Yes, I can see.
    - you posted this in wrong section, you get better response in mapping
    - your map is haunted by old unreal editor ghost, named BSP hole,

    To guess where it starts I would need to have your map, but you need some practice in hunting those holes down, so you need to find it by yourself. They usually appear araound nonplanar csg surfaces, or places where 2 brushes are almost aligned. Sometimes in spots where many walls cut trough one another.

    Best way to find it is to save your map under new name then delete one by one CSG brush and see when hole disappears. Or use "catch elephant in africa"/ bisection method.


      That means I've got to delete some brushes until that problem disappear?

      But, if I do that, and I build it again as it was before deleting, will that thing come back?

      Thank you for your answer!