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    building and terrain

    Hello all this is my first post. I am a 24 year old student studying video game design and development at Glamorgan uni.

    I have created a rather impressive terrain (at least for a beginner) and i have a building (my house) on the same map but i do not wish to make a tunnel leading to my building but rather take my building and stick it in the terrain.

    When i tried it didnt work (i believe its because there subtraction brushes and obviously the terrain is inside a subtraction brush)

    I have an idea, add a cube brush (so its addition and big enough to house my building then put my building inside that? i guess the building would appear square then which is what i want.

    Is there however a professional way of doing this or even an easy way? or have i hit the nail on the head with my assumption?

    Thank you in advanced.


    I'm confused as to what you're trying to do. It sounds like you want to place a building on top of terrain, no? If so, I'm even more confused. What's this talk about tunnels? How about you take a screen shot of the top view of the building? That might help clarify what you're talking about.

    Why is the terrain inside a subtraction brush? You should be creating an additive level for outdoors maps.