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    PS3 - UTIII-Gamespy-PSN

    When I start UTIII while logged on to PSN, I am able to find and join matches, play for a few minutes, and then UTIII boots me from the room and tells me that I have been logged off the network - the same error you get when you're disconnected from PSN. My gamer tag switches from my PSN Name to my offline tag in the bottom left of the UTIII screen and the menus all tell me that a PSN connection is needed to access online features.

    However, if I bring up the XMB while still in the game, I am still signed in to PSN and can create and send messages. I am able to force a sign out and sign in without leaving UTIII, at which point it recognizes my PSN connection again, I can find and join matches, play for a few minutes, and then ... well, you get the idea.

    I've tried everything I can think of - un-installing the game and all it's related files, giving the PS3 a static IP address on my router, etc.

    Any suggestions?

    This problem is on-going. I know it's nothing on my end, because it doesn't happen when I am logged in on another PSN account, on the same machine, with the same network setup.

    I don't suppose anyone will reply to this, because computer players will just dismiss this as my fault for not playing on a computer, console players probably don't have enough tech savvy to provide a sensible answer (this includes me), and the people from Epic who may or may not read this forum won't just admit that maybe their product or Gamespy is at fault.

    Anyway, I hope someone who has had this issue and was able to resolve it stumbles across this thread.

    The wait and see method isn't working.


      I am sorry I don't know the answer, but to add insult to injury I suppose, I do know two other people who have had the problem for 3+ months and never found any solution other than a new account.


        Thank you, Xerxes. It feels nice just to have someone acknowledge they read this.

        Strangely, it also feels like you have the flag, I'm chasing you, and FUDGE - Rocket grenades, again.