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Editor Graphic problem.

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    Editor Graphic problem.

    Hey there,

    I got a problem with the editors shadow.
    When placing a light in a room the light acts as a dynamic licht. And creates real sharp shadows, howerver parts of the room become black that should not be black, like a shadow is covering it.

    As soon as i do a light build the problem is gone, but as soon as i move the light again its back.

    Its very annoying to edit without seeing where the shadows are casting without the non-real shadows are there.
    These problems occur when in substracting mode.
    In additive mode its even worse, i dont see the lighting at all, only when i build lightning the light becomes visible.

    Im using an Ati 4850, with cat 8.12.
    I already tried the 8.10 but had no effect.

    I used to have a nvidia 7600gt and had no problems with it.

    i have the same problem and i got a ati 4870


      Have you always had this problem with the Ati?
      Or it has something to do with just the 4xxx series?