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    Multiplayer and ping

    hi, does anyone knows how to obtain a best ping in multiplayer, mybe changing some strings in .ini files?

    Ping depends on your connection to that server. It's pretty much all hardware. So, if you want better ping, you need to make sure your network connection is the best you can get. FIOS is best, then cable, then DSL. If you have a crappy connection, try a new provider. Do not use a wireless connection.


      thanks, last question: which value should ping not exceed to play without lag?


        I find ~100 acceptable, more than that is just wrong


          Ping will vary as your playing. Ping changes with number of players and their location as well. I do not enter servers with >199 ping. Most of the time servers will have 125-190 ping when I join. It does effect your aim, but, you just need to get used to it. It's very rare for me to join a server with <120 ping.


            Funny....but my connection is always near 100% efficiency and bandwidth 24 hours a day. Hispeed , 10Mbps down ! Mbps up.

            I lag ( as in unpredictable spikes that you just dont "get used to" ) daily on every single server and I wont even touch any server over 40 ping. On a rare match or two , the lag stops. Having run servers and learning the limits of normal player data flow, I quickly realized that most of the "lag" that most people experience is the direct result of specific players using injected files to alter data in their favour ( all the while spewing out substantially increased amounts of data packets...which is a dead giveaway that someone has illegally altered their files. )

            Unreal engine based games have been plagued by these netcode flaws, and netcode abusers....with a huge epidemic of it spreading wildly around the time of release of UT2004.

            In observational experience tied into the data evidence I recorded, the greater the "talent" on a server, the greater the lag.

            Best advice from a clean player ( and former competitive player/server admin ) with some hard facts to back him up....

            Stay away from servers with clan players and I will guarantee that you lag WAY less regardless of ping on those servers ( NO, not ALL clan players hack, but Ive yet to see a single clan that wasnt infiltrated by or welcoming of hack lamers) . Staw away from players that have a lag effect on your movements and crosshair sensitivity every time you go near them, despite perfect ping.
            It just takes one of these types of file injecting players to ruin the reliable performance of the game online. One player plus yourself should NEVER lag you out...yet the players that inject files will make it feel like 20 players just joined the server at once....even with just the two of you there.

            To reduce the amount of effect on your pc from players like this, try joining a server that only allows 2 connections per minute per client,,,rather than the ridiculous default of 5. This setting greatly reduces the amount of spam lag that some will throw your way with multiple connections from their pc .
            AND PLEASE start asking server admins to adjust this maxconnectionsperminuteperip=5 to maxconnections=2.
            Though it's not a complete fix, it can help alleviate a lot of this malicious lag that EPIC historically ignores and denies in order to sell some more copies to unwitting gamers.

            Try servers with average tick rates ( competitive leagues restrict tick rates to between 30-40 ) and avoid the ones with tickrates above 40....though you do feel less of the predictable latency on high tick servers...the trade off is more lag spikes that are unpredictable and game breaking. Servers with average tick rates have historically always been more populated and reliable. ( Though the wonky netcode in UT3 seems to be breeding servers that are using higher tick rates than ever before, to compensate for the latency and high ping issues hardcoded into the engine )

            Try servers that also serve from a fibre optic server.... they always show fewer signs of bandwidth fluctuation. Vipers Servers comes to mind with fibre optic servers colocated in Chicago and Dallas.

            As for ping in this equation? It is grossly overshadowed and rendered useless by the sheer volume of file injecting lamers. If your ping is stable, your data flow ( and with it onscreen smooth performance ) should theoretically be smooth and evenly paced. Ive played some of the most responsive in sync matches on German servers from Canada....YES there was latency at 150-180 ping...but it always was a small steady amount.
            For competition level latency preferred by legit competitive players, I would try to stay under 50 ping. But like i've said, 1 lamer and a 10 ping will feel worse than playing with a 300 ping


              There IS one thing I forgot to mention that can help drop pings to specific servers that you like.
              IF you happen to use a router, this method is much easier to pull off.
              It CAN be done using just a modem and it's MAC address, but involves a third party application to do it.

              Let's assume you use a router & a cable connection with Dynamic DHCP ( the isp provides a different ip address every once in a while )
              The ISP's that use Dynamic DHCP assign an ip address based on the MAC address of your router. All routers have a unique mac address....and most of them have a setting called "WAN MAC CLONE" or "WAN MAC".
              Every time you change the address slightly, the isp will give you a new ip adress. After altering the MAC address, you will be required to reboot your router .
              After the router might not have a connection to the internet, until you unplug your modem FIRST, then unplug your router.
              Wait a minimum of 10 seconds after unplugging both.
              Then plug in the modem FIRST , the router after the modem has initialized.

              Once you are connected to the internet with your new IP address, you can start fishing for ip addresses that take fewer hops to the server you wish to improve ping to. Here's how :
              Run a tracert in command prompt to the ip address of the server in question, which will show you the number of hops to the server with your new ip adress.
              NOT ALL ADRESSES ARE ROUTED ALIKE. You will eventually find some isp assigned ip addresses will take many hops fewer to your server. The fewer the hops to a server, the lower the ping will be.

              To give an example of this in practice, I had my usual 40 ping to a server hike all the way up to 80 ping....upon doin a tracert, i saw that the isp had switched to a new route on me....adding 5 hops to the route it took to get to my server.
              It took me approximately 30 router wan mac address changes to find an ip address that not only brought the number of hops back down by the 5 recently added, but one address that reduced the distance by 8 hops.
              This resulted in getting a longterm ip address that gave me a 26 ping daily for months.

              HAPPY FISHING !


                usaly getting a ping betwean 16-48
                if i have higher then it plays bad! for me.