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Need help getting started with a model, making an Elite from Halo

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    Need help getting started with a model, making an Elite from Halo

    Okay, so I have the Elite model extracted from Halo 2. I have all sorts of different helmets, body types, all that. My goal is to have a fully rigged Elite on the official Krall skeleton with all of the different helmets and body types as the different permutations in-game, as well as it's own portrait, taunts and sound effects.

    However, I have very little experience with 3DS and Unreal Engine. I've done some modeling, rigging, and basic animation in Blender in the past, but when I step into 3DS I have no idea where I'd start other than importing the Elite model into the same scene as the skeleton. And the only thing I've done in Unreal Engine is export a few player models from UT2004, as well as making a basic boxy level.

    I've googled, and found no video tutorial on setting up a character from 3DS Max to UT3. Any help on getting a head-start would be appreciated.

    Here's the model in question:

    I have all of the pieces in OBJ format, and all the textures available as well.

    So basically what I need to know is what should I do from here other than texturing:

    The skeleton doesn't seem to fit the mesh perfectly either, the arms are different sizes, and the shoulders are different heights... Is there a way to work with that without it looking fubar?

    Post this in user maps and mods in the level editing section.

    You could try the robot skeleton but i believe you may have to create a custom skeleton for this unfortunately


      I've given up with the Krall skeleton, and I'm attempting it with a human male skeleton. I've had success so far with the legs and the torso, but the arms are still much shorter than on the model. I've got an idea, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off, but if all goes to plan, and if I can successfully rig from a distance, it should turn out okay.

      Thanks, I'll post this in that section.