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Need help, game broken from online information

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    Need help, game broken from online information

    I'm assuming my game's breaking because unreal stores some information on my online profile but i'm not sure. Whatever it is I attempted a clean install, original unreal 3 plus the 1.3 paths, nothing else installed. As soon as i logged into my profile, all the options for the different mods i had installed before popped back into the ui and sometime they were just blank lines but still selectable. When I attempt to load a vehicle ctf map or other maps, the game will crash on windows vista x64.

    How do i tell it to clear the data from everything. It seems that nomatter what i do, I can't get a CLEAN install, I even tried uninstalling, restarting, deleting the unreal 3 foldier then restarting, then reinstalling, and sure enough there is still stuff in my menus and the game still crashes. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you also delete your Unreal3 folder from My Doucments/Games/etcetc? Sounds like your original settings are still saved in there.