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Weird Textures In UT3

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    Weird Textures In UT3

    Hello guys, how are you ?

    Well, for a little while I've been playing UT3 and I'm a little bit confused. You know, I play all the other Unreal games and everyone works perfectly. However, in UT3, the textures don't look that good. They look weird
    and blurred. All my other games look great.


    My system:
    Intel Core Duo Quad 9300(4*2,5 Ghz)
    3 GB Ram
    MSI P7N Diamond
    Leadtek WinFast GTX260
    Win XP Service Pack 3
    at Resolution 1680 * 1050

    I play games like Half-LIfe 2, Crysis , Cysis Warhead, Far Cry 2, STALKER Clear Sky and so on and there I don't have any visual issues.
    So what could be the reason for this weird texture thing in UT3. Do I have to change something or something else?

    Please help me, guys !!!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    I don't see any issue thats just how the game looks ?

    allthough i must admit that im not a fan of how the cliffs in ut3 look like jelly up close either


      Some textures due to normal maping and specular maps are smoother thus looking a bit more blurry than UT2004 wich has more crisp textures.

      Theres nothing wrong with your game its the way it was made.