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Major problems with ut3

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    More problems with ut3

    hey guys

    i have more problems now
    every option in instant play works fine BUT...
    when i select campaign, it goes 2 the movie and i watch a bit and then it gets frozen on certain part and i have to restart the game. it keeps on doing this and i cannot move on any further in this game and it is very frustrating please help.

    another problem i have is that suddenly now the multiplayer doesnt work. i go to the menu and it lists the maps that i can select but when i actually select one it comes up with a box saying that i need to update something and that i need to visit for more information. i go to the website and i dont know where to look for my problem. i dont understand why it was working perfectly but suddenly now it tells me that i need an update of something... i have the ut3patch (not sure what version, if u could help me find the version out, it would help, thanks) and 2 nvidia patches and a sound driver.

    please help me with my 2 problems of not being able to play in campaign and not being able to play multiplayer.