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UE3 - objects in the editor viewport disappear

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    UE3 - objects in the editor viewport disappear

    I don't know if this is in the right area, but oh well.

    I am working on a level in the UE3 editor when I must have hit a key or something because all game assets disappeared from the perspective viewport except the terrain.

    I can jump in the level and play it and all assets are visible, but in the editor itself (not engine game preview window), all assets are not there.

    I am not sure what to do as I am under a tight time constraint for a class, but if someone could give me a hand and tell me what I pushed in the editor, I'd really appreciate it.

    Ok, stating it again, what IS showing is ONLY the terrain. Nothing else. No water, skydome, buildings, etc. Just the terrain.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hit W on keyboard