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post processing setting do not save

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    my system spec is

    core2duo e6850 @3 ghz
    asus p5k premium
    4x 1 gb ddr2 800
    vga xfx 8800gts 512mb @725/1836/1008
    ps extream 650 w

    vista ultimate 64 bit

    this occurs only with post processing. the first time I installed the game, it was fine and none of this problem happened. then I formatted, and reinstalled the game. I remember that after formatting I installed the new whql nvidia driver, 178.24. Also, I am the admin user, and I also tried to run the program as admin (I suppose this is not necessary because I am the admin user), but the problem still is there. Don`t know if its a game problem, I think its windows which is messing things up, but it is strange that only post processing is being affected.

    If anyone know the ut3 config file which contains this configuration (like a post processing variable which stores the last setting), it will help

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  • replied

    Does this only happen with the post processing settings?
    Are any other settings saved?

    Hmm... do you run the game with admin rights or just with normal user rights?

    P.S. You could post your system specs. Have you installed the newest UT3 patch 1.3 and drivers?


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  • started a topic post processing setting do not save

    post processing setting do not save


    in the system settings menu, video, I set the post processing to intense and all is ok. But the game doesn`t remember my post processing setting, and everytime I start the game the post processing is with default value, and I have to set to intense. What is wrong with my game? anyone know how to solve this?