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No server showing up on XP [solved]

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    No server showing up on XP [solved]


    For no reason, yesterday night (I live on GMT +1) I tried to play online as usual, but the server search returned nothing.

    I have two different machines at home, with two different UT3 installations (two different CD keys) and same thing : empty server list on both PCs.

    I tried that "run as administrator" thing although I run windows XP but it's still the same.
    I restarted my modem / router several times, no change, everything works fine : websurf, IRC, MSN, email ...

    Anyone has a clue?


    EDIT : This morning I tried using skUT3, When I query the master server, it looks like I get some replies (something on the top says "querying master server, received server list (or something like that), reading xxx/500 servers" and nothing, the list remains blank...

    I also tried to desactivate DOS filtering on my router, and also set the DMZ to my computer, still the same...

    Never mind, I changed my router/modem with a spare one, and it works fine now...

    It seems to be having problems trasmiting UDP, even with a hard reset. Too bad...

    Sorry for the useless post


      From my other post:

      I have had major connection issues last night. I think its ISP related. Are you in the UK? Which network are you on?

      As far as I understand it, there is a DNS issue affecting portions of the country. Last night I could not access any servers on my list as it would not refresh at all. And Logging in took about 3 attempts.

      I still managed to play though. There are 2 ways to do this: First, if you know the IP of the server you want to play on just press 'F10' and get on with it (enter open <IP addressort). Second, just follow anyone on your friends list and you will be fine.


        Hi Masaai_Warrior !

        I live in France (nobody is perfect) and my ISP is "neuf telecom".
        I have no problems connecting with a Sagem F@st 3302 modem.

        Today I tried with a Netgear DG834G and like with my DG834GT, I have no problems surfing the web, using IRC / FTP / WLM, but I get an empty server list each time I refresh the server browser.

        I also have some troubles with UDP when testing my connection with Iperf, and only with these two Netgear modems.

        I think my ISP did an update or anything that prevents me from playing with these modems, but what ??? dunno.

        I'm going to call the ISP hotline monday to ask them if they know about something... Anyway, it works fine with my Sagem modem.
        Hope your problem is solved now, let me know.

        EDIT : I just spent half an hour working around the issue and found out the origin of the problem, my encapsulation was set to PPPoa, and worked fine like this for 3 years now, well, now it only works fine on PPPoe encapsulation mode, and this is the last thing I've tried.

        Problem solved, for anyone passing by with a similar issue : try changing the PPP encapsulation method to the other one (PPPoe or PPPoa) in your modem status page, it worked for me.


          Hi D4ma4ge!

          Thanks for your reply.

          I have a DG834G as well. I have not changed any settings and my Server list is working fine now. When it doesn't work, it normally lasts for an evening. The next day it is back to normal (usually).

          Thanks for posting your advice though. I will keep it in mind