I installed a bunch of the mods off of the make something unreal website, then i realized about 3/4 of them caused my game to crash on load and i didn't like a lot of the custom models and they kept showing up in maps so i uninstalled them, this however did not take out the entries from the ui and they are now held by garbled strings, probably a path where its looking for a file, but i can't see the whole path and some game modes i no longer have installed still show up.

I tried to remedy this by uninstalling and reinstalling, but for some reason even after an uninstall / reinstalled, the menu entries for the mods that no longer exist or have any mention in my ut3 foldier (right now i have stock 1.3 plus the map pack off the site installed and thats it) why is this? I'm guessing it has something to do with my online profile. How do i get these entries that no longer work or crash the game out of my menus?