Hi folks,

I've been encountering this problem for a while now, but didn't search for help earlier because I had little time to play. Now, however, I have time and I almost forgot that sound problem.
So the problem is that there is absolutely no sound while I am playing in-game, actively. The cinematics as well as the editor work fine - even the in-editor play-function works normally.
Oh and by the way, the menu is also missing sound.

I can remember that it worked for a while after I had installed it, but then at some point.. you know. I did not change any setting or the like.
What I did was that I reinstalled the game and that I patched the game to 1.2 - both approaches made no difference et al.

I didn't find any similar cases, not via google, nor in this forums - I hope the solution is easy and that somebody knows it. I would appreciate it, really!

Thank you in advance