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Problems installing custom models

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    Problems installing custom models

    First of all, Yes. I did use the search button.

    I must be really dense because I am not getting several models installed properly even with following the guides saying where to put everything.

    Right now I have the Chaos Space Marines and the Sister of Battle installed and they work fine but I can't seem to get anything other then those two.

    I've pretty much given up on all other models and just want to get the Xeno one installed but I seem to fail at that too.

    ps3 or pc ?(Very helpful)


      Ah yes of course. e.e

      Its for the PC.


        Open the RAR file, then click on the UT_Model_Xeno folder to open that

        then drag the UTGame folder thats in there into your MyDocuments\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3 folder (when it asks you if you want to replace existing files, say hell yeah!)

        that assumes you have a standard pc and standard ut3 install...

        then load up ut3 and go to Settings Customize Player and you should see the Xeno faction there


          usually the file has a readme that tellls u how to install


            The thing is, I did that.
            But it still didn't work.