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    Change Custom content directory?

    Hey everyone! I've searched on here for this topic and came up with a few related topics but nothing specific. I have a problem and I need your help.

    Because of all the custom content I've made/downloaded/etc., my C:\ is down to ~8GB on Vista x64. My question is: How do I move my custom content to the same location as the rest of the game (E:\) and still have UT3 recognize it?

    From the start, I wanted to have the custom content in the same parent folder as the rest of UT3 but couldn't figure out how to do so on my own. I figured I'd just do without it and hope that the content didn't overwhelm my hard drive (my mistake for installing Vista on a 40GB partition).

    Help me <insert name here>. You're my only hope.


    Does nobody know anything about this?


      You can move all your custom content to the main game directory. For example, move your maps to <your game install path>\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\Custom Maps
      If the directory does not exist, create it. UT3 will see the maps there and you will be able to play them. You can do the same for most other custom content (models, mutators etc).

      Some mods, however, might not work as expected (or at all) if installed this way and are best left in the My Documents Folder. (UT3 Dom is one that is particularly hard to get running when installed to the base game directory).


        That's ok. I have room for SOME custom content on the C:\ , just not all of it.

        Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.