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Settings and saves on 2 OS's

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    Settings and saves on 2 OS's

    Ok this is a strange situation I really wanted to try and understand so please bare with me.

    Ok so I have 2x750GB HDDs which I have split into 2, so 4x349GB drives. I have then got Vista Ultimate 32 on Drive 1 partion 1, and then Vista Ultimate 64 on Drive 2 partion 1.

    I have installed UT3 on both the 32 and 64 OS. The location I have installed for the 32 is C:\Program Files\Games\ and the 64 is C:\Program Files X86\Games. When booting into 32 its the C drive with 64 as the D and when booting into 64 its the C and 32 is the D.

    Ok so now I have UT3 on 2 seperate drives on 2 seperate OS's and both installs share the same settings, the same saves, everything. So I can play the campaign on the 32 and then move to the 64 and my progress is still there.

    How is this possible? Both OS's have the same username for Vista, thats the only thing I can think of, maybe its to do with my UT3 login details as of course I use the same username for both. They are installed in 2 different locations as the 64 OS has put it in its 32 version of program files.

    On another shorter note, could I have installed the game in the normal program files and have it run in true 64 bit? I assume Program Files X86 is for 32 bit software which the 64 bit OS will emulate or run in 32 bit mode?

    Anyway thanks for reading to the end, and I hope someone can explain to me whats going on.