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    Christmas Upgrade

    Hi I need some input to what I should buy as a new video card upgrade.
    I have 5 choices and during Christmas I'm sure prices should drop a bit more.

    Here are my choices at the moment with Links.

    1. Sparkle Calibre GeForce 9600 GT OC Green Dual Fly.

    2. XFX GeForce 8800 Ultra

    3. XFX GeForce 9800 GTX +

    4. BFG GeForce 9800 GTX OC2

    5. EVGA GeForce GTX 260 SSC

    I did some research and my PSU is enough for all these cards.
    SLI maybe only for 2 or 3 of them but defiantly not the 260. If I SLI
    anything it will most likely be the 8800 ultra or the 9600 GT
    Im sure everything on my system at the moment should let me
    run any one of these. Hopefully my CPU will too.
    Thanks in Advanced.

    Bah would at least like some help xD


      First off I would upgrade your CPU, then go for the 260/280(prices will be lower then, so the 280 may be an option). I asume you want Nvidia, so I wont recommend any ATI cards, although they get the bang for buck recommendations right now. A newer CPU with a larger cache, like the e8000 series/q9000 series would make everything alot better as well. Newer GPU's require alot of CPU power to get the most out of it. It would be a shame to spend alot of money on gpu's only to find out that your cpu is holding you back.



        As you see here, your current CPU dosent even make the list. A cpu upgrade would benefit you greatly. After re-reading your post, I see that you have a 550w power supply. Im not so sure some of the SLI options that you are looking at will have enough power with that 550w power supply. I believe the recommended is 650w+ for sli with those cards. The 8500's that you have now use far less power then the ones your thinking of getting for sli. My brother has 2 8800 gtx's and the 750w that I use now wasnt enough, so he replaced it with an antec 850w.(good thing cause I got the 750w for free ) I think it was the overall amps per rail though, not the overall power, that was his issue.


          I think it was the 9600gt and the 9800 gtx+ that only uses 450-500w in sli
          cant remember though lol. But ya Im not plaining on SLI-ing anymore because
          I know for a fact my cpu would bottleneck my gpu's. If prices go down (defiently usually do at tiger)
          Then im gonna get a q6600 for a cpu but I still dont want to spend that much
          cause i also need to buy a new mouse lol. So I guess only time will tell on the
          prices and I guess I just need to know which is worth it. Like if the 8800 ultra
          is still worth buying. If I cant decide or come to a conclusion though Im defiently
          gonna go with the 9600gt oc. Cause my god that card is nice lol. Watch the
          video on it that is on tiger direct.


            SLI is not usually as good as having a better card. Using SLI with low end or mid range cards is not worth the cost. You get better bang for the buck using a better single card.

            Upgrading the Pentium D to a much better cpu is just as important as getting a better gpu. You will be cpu limited or bound at a certain point and will not be able to take advantage of the better video card.

            If you keep your Pent D cpu, no reason to even think about SLI.

            If you look at the prices, it's easy to see that the 9600 cards are way overpriced. They cost the same or more than many of the 9800 cards. The 9600 is not even close to the 9800 in performance.


              Ya I know.
              I think I will be going with a 9800 GTX+ Video card.
              Did more research on cards today and Iv decided to
              get one of those. But my CPU Im still not sure about
              cause I have to wait till Christmas for a price drop. So
              in time like Iv said is when I will know what to buy.
              Thanks for your guy's help.
              And yes old my PSU will last with one single card solution.
              So Im fine for that point.