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Cooking Problem

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  • Cooking Problem


    I've been playing around with the editor for only four weeks now but I'm trying to cook my map. So far I've been doing most of my map making at school and this is where some if not all my problems have been. In the beginning UT3 Editor would crash on opening, after talking with the schools IT guys I just had to delete the My Games folder on my school network profile and then restart UT3. I was able to successfully cook my map once with the help of a friend, (primarily where to save). After I made a few adjustments to my level and saved it again I tried to cook it, didn't work, but the Published folder was created in My Games but it didn't have any files in it. Now when I try to cook my map, a dialog box, appDebugMessagef pops up saying "Couldn't create...\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\. And the Published folder isn't in UT Game folder. I'm still learning a lot about the editor and I'm hoping to get this under my belt. So far I haven't found any useful information online.