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UT3 Crashing

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    UT3 Crashing

    I'm a big supporter of UT but come on.. I have 3 (legit) copies of the game.. 1 for me, 1 for each of my sons. It never fails, the game crashes during MP or even Lan play. We can't get a full map without the game crashing.

    None of my systems are overclocked, latest drivers and latest UT3 patch.

    System 1 - Vista sp1
    Gigabyte - DS4
    9850 AMD
    OCZ Reapers 2 x 1gb
    X-Fi Fatal1ty (PCI-x)

    System 2 - Vista sp1
    XFX 680i
    Evga 8800GTX
    AMD 6000+ x2
    X-Fi Fatal1ty
    OCZ Gold 2 x 1gb

    System 3 - XP sp3
    Evga NF4
    Evga 8800GTS
    AMD FX60
    A-Data 2 x 1gb
    On board sound

    XP, Vista? UT3 Patched 1.3 or 1.0?


      XP sp3 and Vista sp 1 and Latest UT3 Patch.


        Sinister if you are using the X-fi sound card and have open al enabled it will crash the game please disable it if you have it enabled.

        if thats not the issue perhaps your computer is over heating? use the nvidia ntune and turn up your gpu fans to 100% 8800gtx runs idle at 68-71 celc with lots of fans to keep it cool. after turning the gpu fan to 100% give it a few minutes it will drop to 40C or even 35C


          Which antivirus and firewall do you use ?


            I have noticed unreal 3 requires a clean error free system to run faultlessly.
            Along with goodenough spec machines and very good cooling ,
            As graphic cards and cpu's get very hot with this game.
            Running the game with antivirus turned off works well for better performance
            try cleaning the harddrives with a registry cleaner removing all errors found.
            eg regmechanic / regcure are 2 good cleaners.
            heres some free cleaning tools
            run the disk defragment before running the game my best tip.
            Good luck ..

            AMD Athlon 64 x 2 4200+
            2 gig memory
            ECS KN1 SLI Extreme mb
            Geforce 8600gt 512mb graphics
            2 x 80gig sataII HD
            VISTA HOME PREM' sp1 fully uptodate.


              I will check on the OpenAL...

              I use NOD32 on my system and windows firewall.
              AVG on the other two with windows firewall.

              My GPU/CPU are not overheating. My ATI stays around 60 (Load) and my 8800GTX is a little warmer 70-72 (load). I have a G15 and use Everest to monitor temps.

              I run CCleaner once a week and my diskdefrag runs once a week as well.. this is on all machines.