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Mouse problem in UT3 (PC)

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    Mouse problem in UT3 (PC)

    Since shortly, my USB mouse's having problems in UT3. When playing, it has moments where it simply doesn't respond anymore.
    This can take half a second to 5 full seconds until it starts registering my mouse swipes again. If I happen to shoot right before this happens it will keep shooting until the mouse is back in action.
    When this moment occurs I have no problems at all moving with my keyboard or pc lag, it's just the mouse which doesn't seem to respond any longer.

    I've plugged the thing in various USB ports on my computer but the problem still persists.
    Odd thing is, that this problem only occurs during UT3 gameplay, not in Windows or any other game.

    It's a Microsoft Optical Wheel mouse, and doesn't have/need any drivers afaik.

    Are there any suggestions where to look at for the solution for this problem?

    I've just tried it with an other mouse, old Razer Copperhead, but the same problem still occurs.
    It's not the mouse itself.