Hi! I'm new here and I subscribed to talk about this little problem. It's just a detail, but in my PC version os UT3, when I choose the Scythe model, in the customization menu, his eye glows propperly, but in game, it's doesn't glow at all. In the 360 version, his eye glows properly in game so I was wondering what could cause that for my PC version. Does anyone have the same little problem? Does anyone know how to fix that? Thanks in advance.

(I made some research and didn't find any topic mentionning that little issue. I know I might seem to be knitpicking, but Scythe is my favourite character and I would like him to look as badass as he can.)

Edit: I found this thread (http://utforums.epicgames.com/showth...ight=krall+eye) but no one mentioned how to fix the problem.