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Working routers for listen server

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    Working routers for listen server

    Hey all,

    My local comp shop just sent me off with another router to see if it works for setting up a listen server. They haven't got a clue about full cone NAT, they are very helpful though by letting my unpack and test every router they have.

    Can anyone advice or point to a list as of which router models will definitaly work?

    I can play the game, I can join online games, the only thing that I can't manage is hosting a co-op campaign game (network configuration may not be compatible).

    You can find a list of NAT open routers on

    Usually you can configre it through your router. Unless it's older than dirt.

    Find the IP address for your router, go to it, and see if you can configure your NAT. I have a very old router, and I was able to do it.


      Thanks I can enable NAT no prob, that was possible with the router I had before this one as well. I can host a dedicated server and let it publish itself no problem. I can join games, I can join co-op campaign games as well. The only thing that drives me nuts is that I want to host a public campaign game myself and this doesn't work. I get the 'your network may not be compatible message' and no matter how long I play, no one ever joins my game so I guess it's not showing up. I read this has to do with cone restricted routers which I just found out, both my routers are.

      I tried the local stunserver solution, message goes away, still very lonely at 1 hour into the campaign. I also tried every workaround I could find on these and other forums.

      Playing the pc version btw on Vista. Tried with and without firewall.


        From my D-Link DIR-655 Gigabit wireless N extreme router's help pages:

        Formerly, the terms "Full Cone", "Restricted Cone", "Port Restricted Cone" and "Symmetric" were used to refer to different variations of NATs. These terms are purposely not used here, because they do not fully describe the behavior of this router's NAT. While not a perfect mapping, the following loose correspondences between the "cone" classification and the "endpoint filtering" modes can be drawn: if this router is configured for endpoint independent filtering, it implements full cone behavior; address restricted filtering implements restricted cone behavior; and port and address restricted filtering implements port restricted cone behavior.

        I haven't bothered with a private server personally since running them on UT2004, but the D-Link website might be a good place to start for you.


          Thanks for that info!


            D-Link EBR2310

            Actiontech MI424-WR (Verizon FIOS)