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ICMP Type3 packets getting blocked to servers

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    ICMP Type3 packets getting blocked to servers

    Ive got a D Link DIR655 router that is full cone.
    Often though not always, I get a huge rash of icmp 3 ( port unreachable ) packets getting blocked TO the server.
    It seems that this happens when I'm lagging the hardest online.
    So the game client appears to be trying to send status packets telling the server that contact could not be established. It's happening at start of match, throughout the entire match and when switching maps.

    With most servers lagging 75% of the time ( based on volume of player complaints and my own experience )....I'm desperate to get to the root of it... and the router blocking icmp packets to the server worries me. No other game data seems to get blocked by the router ( incoming or outgoing ).

    [INFO]Tue Sep 30 19:16:53 2008 Blocked outgoing ICMP packet (ICMP type 3) from to ( Liandri server )[INFO]Tue Sep 30 19:13:33 2008 Above message repeated 199 times

    Can anyone shed some light on:

    a) Why the client would be telling the server that it is unreachable when connected and bandwidth is running at 99% quality
    b) Why my router would be blocking icmp 3 packets to the server when UT3 is on the exceptions list for the firewall
    c) Why within 1 match lasting 5 minutes it blocks up to 200 icmp3 packets
    d) Why this might be causing lag
    e) Whether you also receive the same log entries for blocked icmp3 packets while in game

    UPDATE: These blocked packets happened, logged 1 minute AFTER I exited the game :

    [INFO]Tue Sep 30 20:54:29 2008 Blocked outgoing ICMP packet (ICMP type 3) from to ( UMG Server )
    [INFO]Tue Sep 30 20:53:37 2008 Above message repeated 51 times

    I might understand packets continuing after exiting a server to see the server recieving packets from the server to close the connection transaction.. BUT after the game is exited, what the hell is responding with the destination unreachable packets in the first place ?