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Crash after crash

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    Crash after crash

    I can play Call of Duty 4, Crysis and TF2 (albeit less intensive) without problems but seems I can't play UT3 without crashing. It was just locking up, I do a ctrl-alt-del and kill the process and now, at least, I'm getting a pop up that it's stopped responding.

    Here's what's being reported in the XP Application Event Viewer:

    Faulting application ut3.exe, version, faulting module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.1801, fault address 0x000173d0.

    And an occasional:

    Fault bucket 941217997

    I'm on XP x86, Sapphire 3870 in Crossfire, 4gb RAM (3 reported obviously), X-FI PCIe Titanium, Intel 9450, Maximus Formula mobo.

    AGAIN, no other game crashes, just UT3.

    I'm trying a fix I found at but it worked fine on my last mobo w/x-fi but we'll see.

    the "msvcr80.dll" is a file of "Microsoft C Runtime Library". Seems to be, that windows xp cant handle with ut3, maybe a missing data could be the problem, did you installed the patch 1.3?