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Freezing problem

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    Freezing problem

    Ok, i bought this game about a week ago, and since then i couldn´t play properly. First, i had no servers in my list, i solved it with "run as administrator" option, cuz i´m using Vista (32bit). Then i had a display flickering problem, and i also solved it, i think i just installed another drivers. But now i do have another problem...

    FREEZING! Freezing all the time, doesn´t matter if i´m in SP or MP. I tried to go down with details, but it´s definitely not my g-card or something like that because it runs just fine. And then BAM, it freezes completely (alt-tab or ctrl/ald/del works) or just partially, but after it goes further with lags O_o which is not good... So, does anybody faced similar problem? Or does someone know some solution to this? Please, it´s a good game and i don´t want to store it in my closet

    My comp specs:

    MSI Megabook G700X
    2Gb RAM
    G-Force 8600M GT 512Mb card
    Intel Core 2 Duo 1,8Ghz

    Drivers for g-card: 177.92 Latest are 177.98 (177.98 were before) but i´m using 177.92 because i do have better performance than with 177.98. You think 177.98 driver will do any better?

    Youre on a laptop right ...
    Look at your CPU and thats your problem right there, thus the freezings = heavy OS + heavy game on that CPU.
    I don't think you'll find a fix for that but you could always try defraging your hard drive, disabling anti spyawre\virus\adware software and other programs running in the background.
    You can also try:

    BradG Tweaker >>

    Ultron's Tweak guide >>

    Or install XP instead of Vista.