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    an update....

    I had a problem previously of the servers showing..but when clicking on any of them...none would execute to load into the server...just a sound effect and nothing....the server list would just stay there..unable to enter any servers..

    this message popped up going into campaign mode..but might have something to do with multiplayer?....

    "Your hosting configuration may not be compatible with hosting machines, please check your routers manual for instructions on setting up "Port Forwarding" or a "DMZ server".

    I just press "ok" and can continue playing then...but might that explain why I can't enter any of the servers?...


    (P.S...please dont post your own problems in this thread, just reply if you can help on this one....thank you)

    BUMP!...where are the admins...jeeez....


      That message should not have anything to do with whether you can join a server or not. That message is due to your router being a "half cone" router, rather than a "full cone" router, the latter being required for hosting a server.

      For more info on this, search these forums for those terms. What this means has been discussed in depth in other threads.

      I don't know why you cannot join from the server lists, but have you tried joining a server using its IP?

      To do this, open the Console (F10, by default) and typing:

      where the x's are the IP and the y's are the port number (usually 7777). If you need the IPs of some servers, check here.

      If you cannot get into a server using the Console "open" command, maybe others have better suggestions, but the only thing that comes to my mind is to suggest uninstalling and reinstalling UT3. This might not be a bad idea anyway.


        Normally, it will give you that error only if you try to host a server, not join one.

        Are you sure you are clicking on join, not host?


          sorry for the delay in reply guys...Jonah, thanks for the help mate....means alot..I'll try that out later today....

          sniper...I never host any matches..but I just thought it might have something to do with trying to join a match..

          Ive been dealing with untold amounts of problems with medal of honour thats what I've been dealing with lately..ea have lost all my respect after 10 years of gaming...

          the servers show up...but when I double click on the server, there is just the sound effect and nothing....I can click like mad on the server...and nothing..just sound effects each time I press it...

          grrrr...half thinking of giving up...but I've put in too much effort now to leave it alone...