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    Video Problem

    The videos on the game won't play hardly at all... For instance, the video that should play when you start a new campaign, it plays for a few seconds, lags like crazy then stops... Then another part comes on when they apparantly thought you where dead, then that one stops almost instantly, but the rest of the game runs fine on my computer, highest settings and all... But for some reason these videos just refuse to work...

    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (3.2g rated processor)
    1G RAM (Soon to be two)
    ATI Radeon X1950Pro

    Sounds like you need a driver update for your card. Luckily I had a 1950 myself at launch. The catalyst 7.11 worked the best overall for me in UT3. After that I got my 2 3870's, and I believe they were at 8.1 then, but now the only driver that works good all around(multiple games) is the 8.4 for me. Try the 7.11 first and see if the issue still exists. Also the Athlon single cores were pretty weak processors.(compared to todays cpu's) If you have 200$ you could get a X2 5000 or better, or a e7200 intel(under 100$), a 50$ mobo, and 2 gigs DDR-2 800mhz of ram. Trust me the difference will be worth the 200$.

    PS: You could probaly even go cheaper if you shop around.

    EDIT: Just reread your OP, disregard the upgrade info if its not necessary. Sorry. For now just try the 7.11 catalyst, and see if it helps at all.