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UT3 won't load in "Instant Action"...

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    UT3 won't load in "Instant Action"...

    Firstable welcome (It's my first post) and sorry for my english

    I have strange problem with UT3 - When I want to play with bots and I selcect Instant Action, then set game parameters (number of bots, map etc.) and click Start Game, game loads, and loads, and loads... It won't load (the UT logo is still animating), the Taskmanager tells it doesn't responds. This happends in 99% when i use Start Game, when i use "next" instead of "start game" there's 50% chances to start the game.

    I have patch 1.3, clean install of system (Win XP 32-bit), bonus maps pack, PhysX maps pack, I use Master Chief player's model.

    My hardware:
    Gigabyte EP-35 DS3
    Xeon E3110 @ 3.6 GHz (stable after 50h of Orthos Small FFTs, and Blend) @ 1.232V
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 260 with 177.92 drivers and 8.08.18 (PhysX turned on in PhysX panel and UT3)
    2 x 2GB OCZ Reaper 1066MHz
    OCZ StelathXStread 500W



      I have nearly that problem too, since I installed the new Nvidia drivers + Physx Modpack for UT3 on my WinXp 32Bit system. I was testing the first Physx Map via Instant Action and was enjoying it (is running fluently!). But however after the match, the next map is loading forever, i.e. UT3 is hanging. Once I could exit UT3 with the Task-Manager, but the next time I had to push the reset-button.
      Just tried to play a normal Instant Action match, but the map won't load/is loading for ages. Could play Multiplayer without problems though.

      Well I guess the Physx Mod pack is not compatible with patch 1.3, I am about to deinstall it.
      P.S. Alternatively you could disable the Hardware Physics in the UT3 settings.


        You're right - turning off Hardware Physics fixed the problem (except Warfere mode).

        But now I have installed 80.09.04 Physix drivers and I think they're fixed this problem 90%. Why :?: Because now I can't play Warfare mode. When map loads, game exits to desktop. Uninstalling PhysX Mod Map Pack didn't help.

        I'm really upset. I have paid for game my money (120PLN wich is about 55$), I have clean system install and I can't play game offline.