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    installation Problems

    Basically guys i just bought UT3 Today as i am wanting to start playing another game, but i am having some installation error's.

    the problem is

    Error 1335: The Cabi net File '' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could Indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD ROM, Or a problem with this package

    Now this is my computer spec

    AMD Phenom x64 2.2 ghz quad core

    Nvidia 9600 GT 512MB

    4MB Corsair DD2R Ram

    500 BG HD

    Asus Sli Mobo

    Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit

    I have a dual DVD Writer included in the package

    Any help would be great

    Sounds like an error on the dvd.. when you bought it. What you can try is to copy all the files from the dvd to a location on the harddisk and install it from there on out. If it gives errors there too.. then probably your dvd is broken and you should either contact the shop or epic. Go for the shop first and ask for a new copy.


      You can try install from a USB DVD to make it work. You can also use the search function in this forum and you will find other solutions. Just search for error 1335.