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    UT3 Server Help

    Okay. I've been looking around for a guide of some sort to help me get things setup, but I can't seem to find them. Note that I purchased a 24/7 server from MyInternetServices, so this isn't a LAN server or something I'm hosting from my own PC. It involves FTP access and all of that fun stuff.

    My server is online and runs fine. The problems I'm having are the actual administrative related things. I setup my admin password, but when I join the game, I hit F10 to bring up my console, type AdminLogin Password, but nothing seems to happen. I tried typing Admin addbots 3, and no bots were added. I had a friend get on and I typed Adminkick wraith1200, but nothing happened.

    Also, I uploaded the Liandri Bots and the Gears of War models to my server. However, when I connect to my server, rather than appear as one of the downloaded characters, I appear as the game default for the faction the custom model was supposed to be in.

    So what exactly am I doing wrong? Is there a guide for stuff like this that I just missed, or is everyone hosting servers from their own computer?

    Thanks for the help, and sorry for the trouble.

    Server IP is's Custom UT3 Server

    Uhm have you tried using the WEBADMIN from ELMUERTE?

    read my post:

    if need more help msg me at xfire.


      yes webadmin is great - but it also doesnt have any guides of "how to" and more importantly doesnt solve the problem of how to load custom player models on the server. ive tried a bunch of different combinations with no luck - anyone have an answer to this?

      * of course i loaded the model files where they go on the server and updated the customchar.ini and added the files to my redirect but the files never get pushed to the player - anyone have a suggestion? thx!!