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    Install failure=[

    Every time I try to install I get an Error 1311, source file not found? I cant figure out whats wrong, I have a pentium quad core, gforce9600, 2gb ram. Also having trouble installing mass effect but I can run Age of conan and many other games no problem. please help.

    Your system should be fine for running UT3. It sounds like your DVD drive is having a problem reading the disk during the installation.

    I suggest the following:
    1. Decide which drive (C:, D:, etc) where you want to install UT3
    2. Create a folder on that drive named "UT3"
    3. Create two subfolders of UT3 named "DVD1" and "DVD2"
    4. Copy the entire installation disk to DVD1 and the entire Bonus Disk to DVD2
    5. Go to the DVD1 folder and double click on the "FrameworkCheck.exe" file to begin the installation of UT3
    6. When you get to the "Choose Destination Folder" window, click on the "Browse" button
    7. In the "Choose Folder" window type "C:\UT3" (no quotes and use the drive letter where you created your UT3 folder), then click the OK button
    8. The installation should continue from there.

    If there is a problem with your DVD, it should show up in step 4, when copying it to the your hard disk. If you don't get any errors in step 4, the installation should proceed without problems.

    For more info on steps 6 and 7, look here.