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Using a Razor Diamondback mouse for UT3

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    Using a Razor Diamondback mouse for UT3

    I have previously commented about Razor mice, small in size, and that was that. Now I have more comments since my Logitech MX 518 pooped itself.

    My MX518 has issues. The left and right keys become intermittent after a short time of play. It's only ~9 months of usage, all right who keeps a mouse reciept? Well, I thought I did. but obviously not upon further inspection and searching. Craped the bed they say, it's as good as dead, what an awful thing, Have you checked the old folks across the street? Best not to wait until you can smell it.

    My only spare was a Razor Diamondback, way too small with dual switches on each side where you grasp it. Totally frustrating thing. Ok, so, where are you to grap it? Do I need to devise an alternate attachment method? Maybe just take the big hammer approach? My solution was to take super glue and disable the side switches. OK, now it's a only 3 button mouse., It's still only OK if you have small hands, but totally still sucks for me. It's a temp fix so i can play.

    Does anyone actually play with that thing without the side button issues?

    I am waiting for newegg to deliver a new MX518. I will take special care of that invoice just in case..

    I do not in general like Razer mouse design, the Deathadder as an exception. Their side buttons are mushy and unresponsive and in general have weak cords and are too small. I really loved the feel of the Deathadder, it was the most comfortable mouse, great side buttons but the acceleration was incorrect and it skipped 4 pixels on initial movement.
    The Lachesis was the worst mouse I've used in a long time, it looks like a death adder but it nowhere near as nice. The sensor was perfect only if you pressed the mouse flat to the surface, lifting a paper sheet high would make it jump erratically, the side buttons are mushy junk and the palm plastic dug into my hand.

    Call logitech first about your old mouse you might be able to get a replacement from them, Ive successfully done it twice with bad mice from them.


      I've been using a Diamondback for more than three years now and I really like it. It's exactly the right size for my hands; you must have huge hands because my hands are larger than most. I can hold it fine with my thumb just below the side switch, and I use it for weapon switching. I don't use the side switch on the other side because it's not possible to press it comfortably (it seems to be there only for left-handed people).

      The only bad things about it are that the wire is really thin and cheap, and after a couple of years the plastic pillars under the two main mouse buttons that press the microswitches wore out, so I had to open up the mouse and replace them.


        I use a Razer DiamondBack for the main PC and a Copperhead for the 2nd PC.

        I have small hands, so i can reach only the 1st left side button.
        In order to avoid strange behaviour during game, I bound the 2nd left side button with the same command as the 1st.

        The 2right side button are too far from my 5th finger, so I don't use them.


          Got my replacement mice. The MX518 works fine. I also bought a Razor Deathadder along with the Razor wrist pad and Razor metal mouse pad. The Deathadder is my new favorite. The metal mouse pad and ergonomic wrist rest are sweet. I can play for hours before my hand starts hurting now. I plugged it in, started the game, went online, did not even have to get used to it.

          The Razor Deathadder is the same size as the MX518 with a slightly different shape. The side buttons are perfectly placed for me as well. I will keep the MX518 as a spare now.


            Hi all I own a diamondback mouse and love it! However on my notebook i have XP32 and used korndogs mouse acceleration fix and loved the results. As my new desktop is vista64 I am unable to use this pack now which blows and had some trouble removing mouse acceleration. Best solution ive found is this driver here" This is XP 64 /Vista 64 compatible and seems to remove about 99% of mouse acceleration (once you reboot and set mouse acceleration to lowest in this app. I have noticed an immediate improvement, despite only just having done this. However I dont think it works as well as korndogs mouse pack. So I guess this post is for ppl with vista64 who were butting their head against a wall like me and also in the hope someone has come up with a better solution and will post
            Happy fragging all