So I installed 1.3 today, went to server browser, and still noticed that every time you click on the 'players' up top to alternate between filled and empty servers, the scroll point moves around in completely erroneous fashion. Sometimes it will just go from the top of the list to the bottom, and the list will reverse order, so basically you're seeing the same thing, just backwards. Other times it will go from the top to somewhere near the bottom. Wouldn't it make sense that the list itself would change and not scroll you to the bottom instead? I also notice some servers are showing up as -14/10 or -2/10 for who knows what reason.

I noticed now you can view players in the server through the browser window, but you can't dynamically resize this, instead you have to scroll, unlike 2k4 and ut99. Additionally when I tried connecting to a server, it just stuck on the loading screen. I suppose this might be to the fact not all the servers are updated. If that is the case, then it should detect that and inform you of version mismatch.

All in all, not too impressed so far. And being stuck with the grey browser window still doesnt make sense to me. The ut2k4 browser was great because it was white on a bright blue background, making text very readable.