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Don't know if anyone can help me with a problem

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    Don't know if anyone can help me with a problem

    Not sure if anyone can help me with but heres my problem.
    Im tring to follow some video on how to start making levels etc and i seem to be missing some stuff like static meshs texture mats and so on from what the guy in the video is using im in the same folder/ package section hes in but i just dont see them on my editor generic browser do i need to unpack ut3 or is my install corupted or something

    ps its the steam downloaded version patched 1.2

    any help or tips welcomed

    It's not you. It's the same for everyone. Those videos were made a while before the game was released, so they could be included with the Collector's Edition. Those static meshs and materials were either cut from the game or renamed and in another package is some cases.