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One UT3, two PC's, fun or no go?

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    One UT3, two PC's, fun or no go?

    I sometimes play UT with my brother/sister over our home network, and since UT3 works with keycodes and logins i was wondering...

    Can i install UT3 on a second PC in my house and do the following:
    - Play on our LAN with family (meaning, ill be playing against my own keycode)
    - Play online with family (meaning, my keycode is on a server, twice)
    - Play UT3 on my PC, then shut it down, and let my family play UT3 on the other PC?

    I hope i can, would be fun to play UT3 against my family, right now the other PC is running the demo.

    You can run a LAN game no problem on one key, just skip the login prompt and it should be able to play LAN no problem. I think the "setname" command works offline too so you can change your name by pressing tab and typing setname RoadKill

    You CANNOT play online with two systems on one key at the same time, however you can play individually on either.


      Thank you for your reply, i wouldn't want to invalidate my cd-key

      So UT3 does the cdkey check only to see if the same key is online more than once, i was afraid that maybe they linked it to my computers' hardware or my UT3 login name

      Anyway, thanks again now i can install UT3 on the other machine without problems!