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Ut3 rules them all

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    Ut3 rules them all

    Greetings once again...

    I posted earlier on my troubles with the Campain part of UT3; I still cant get it to run without shutting down due to some error, but I can say, hands down
    UT3 RULES !!!
    I play this game non stop on Instant Action, and the graphics, physics, and everything else that made the fisrt UT an icon that shall forever remain one of the best on-line and off-line shooters, the best you can get. Yeah, lots of stuff out there touts good graphics, but THIS IS THE GAME TO RULE THEM ALL!!!

    Ok....whew....Im off the testosterone adrenalin coctail....
    Just letting you guys know, you have done a great service in giving us another bad *** shooter. I patiently await patches and corrections so the rest of the game equals what rocks the block so far...

    KEEP IT UP!!!