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Pausing, Jerking

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    Pausing, Jerking

    I can't remember what to search for but I know there was an issue with the game jerking or pausing. Does anyone know how this was fixed?

    Game was running fine, now it jerks or pauses while playing, even on the UI, the mouse cursor also does the same, moves then stops then moves. I do not think it's a hardware fault, because it's only this game that's doing it.

    I remember this issue, but can't find any relevance to it. I have even done a complete re-install of my OS (XP and Vista) and the same thing happens. I have even tried old video driver in case it was an issue with updated ones.

    Patch 1.2 is installed.

    BTW, I have in the INI

    DetailMode=0 <- Doesn't matter, beside I don't want this, NO PostProcess, Yuk
    My Video card in an 8800GT.

    OK, Just found out I need ti run with -onethread. WTF!
    I never had to do this before and my system hardware config has not changed.
    This only thing I have done in re-install my OS.

    Could my e6600 be on the way out, considering I overclock to 3.6Ghz?
    Because clocking back to 2.4 doesn't help...

    Need a new PC.... Great!


      Had the same problem once turned out to be my wireless internet..

      So if you do run wireless internet.. would suggest trying to get normal cables,that fixed it for me at least.


        Multi threaded games are challenging to code. If there is shuddering in multithreading its is likely that that one thread is waiting on the other to respond. Always clear all unnecessary background applications, might help.

        Try disabling the "threaded optimization" in the Nvidea drivers.

        If one thread works and the frame rates are acceptable then use it and don't worry about it.