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No Detecting Unreal Default Characters

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    No Detecting Unreal Default Characters

    I had to reinstall unreal since my Vista was giving me problems and I loaded up XP.

    When I customized my character I believe there was the default characters there.
    The factions are still there, however the default characters are not there..for any of the factions.
    My custom skins are there.

    The characters folder is present under UTGame - Characters and the files are still there. prehaps another file go deleted some how.

    what is the problem

    thanks for your help.

    I have a feeling that when you copied and pasted the info for your custom characters in the UTCustomChar.ini file, you pasted it over all the default info in the UTCustomChar.ini file.

    To fix it just delete the the UTCustomChar.ini file. This should be the one in your 'MyDocuments/MyGames/UT3' folder. The game will create a new file set back to the default characters. Then just copy and paste the custom character info but this time not over the default character info.


      Thank you very much AcidVenom

      I did just that.

      It was the CustomChar.ini file in the UTGame/Config folder

      I unzipped a custom character folder directly to UTGame and the .ini file overwrote my file there.

      It probably is a good idea not to zip these great customs write into the target directory...well atleast if you want to preserve the orignial game characters.

      thank you for your help kind sir