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Xbox 360 online co-op trouble

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    Xbox 360 online co-op trouble

    me and 3 friends all bought this game to play through the campaign together, I host a private campaign through xbox live and send invites to my friends, the problem is we cannot speak to eachother. how the hell are we supposed to beat this game on insane difficulty without being able to communicate?

    please help

    you need to push the digital cross to the right to be able to speak.
    during loading and some parts of the lobby you can not talk to each other at all.

    ps the fall update will allow you to open a private chat for all your friends. then you will be able to speak without all those stupid ingame voice chat activation thinggies.
    wasn't it the same with halo3?

    pps in ut3 you can use a little glitch to activate voice chat permanently: hold digital right, now unplug your headset, replug your headset, now let the digital cross go. the mic symbol should be there permanently. quite usefull.