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AMD 4800+x2 s939 + vista 64 SP1: two cores = crapy performance, -onthread mode = fine

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    Okay, here's a real solution to your problem. Get rid of UT3 and play something else. It'll do us all a favour if you ask me.


      Originally posted by Xandros View Post
      Okay, here's a real solution to your problem. Get rid of UT3 and play something else. It'll do us all a favour if you ask me.
      You don't have to suggest that solution to me, I have already done so about 2 months ago. I just like to follow, what happens with this problem.
      Now it seems to me, that I will never buy another Epic product on PC...
      And I don't ask you


        Originally posted by Xandros View Post
        Okay, here's a real solution to your problem. Get rid of UT3 and play something else. It'll do us all a favour if you ask me.
        OK, do u want play with me "Barbie as the Island Princess"?

        But I advise u: Ken is mine

        seriously, a temporal solution is that you shut the fùck up!


          LOL! barbie island princess.... nice..

          Yeah you would think a 91 page thread that exists on these forums about the same issues we are having says its not an isolated issue... and here is Xandros the angry Epic fanboi to the rescue lol... personal solution? please... why even bother posting in this thread when you have nothing to contribute.

          It must be our twice as powerful as recommended hardware and clean OS installs that are causing the issue right? or maybe its Vistas fault? the OS that EVERY OTHER GAME i own runs on perfectly... nah couldn't be Epics issue!

          Originally posted by Xandros View Post
          In the mean time you've got our "stupid basic" suggestions and if you don't f*cking like that then you're sh*t out of luck aren't you?


            Originally posted by DarkRadeon
            If I play UT3 normally without the what the -onthread "tweaks" the game is crapy, no decent frame rate, it's fast unplayable.

            But I use the -onthread "tweaks" the game is more or less fine to play... But WHY I MUST use only ONE core of my DUAL CORE PROCESSOR on a game that it should be "MULTYTHREADING OPTIMIZED"? Is this possible? I don't think it's for my OS, Vista Ultimate x86_64, 'cause all my games, excpet UT3, works very, very fine with two cores/multithreading enable...
            Look, if your game runs well with -onethread, just run it like that!

            Programmers don't love MT. Threads may be cool on Solaris and Linux or when you can program to the metal like a console or embedded device, but I find Windows threading is bloated and scheduling is dumbed down. Solaris was better 15 years ago. I've made multi-threaded programs myself and some were a waste of time. They run slower on single-core or under virtual machines, don't give the expected gains and sometimes they run slower. There are important bottlenecks and overhead, usually when accessing shared data, or one thread is waiting for other(s) to finish their task(s). And yes, often those slowdowns are hard to predict.

            Edit: This is what I get when playing with -onethread, WAR-Avalanche with 31 bots:

            That spike near the end of the CPU0 graph was when I switched to window mode. Before that, CPU0 was at 55% to 60% and CPU1 at 60 to 70%, so it's using both processors.
            There is still plenty CPU available if I cared to run Vista and other crapware on the background. Ventrillo, wireless drivers, search indexer, etc...

            And try disabling multi-threading on the graphics card drivers control panel, while not using -onethread. See if it improves your fps


              Since I was the one that gave the tip about the PCI latency...
              Originally posted by MSuomi View Post
              Well, I have seen many totally stupid suggestions of what to do:

              Originally Posted by MSuomi View Post
              Seriously, there is this one game (with UT3-engine) which shows this kind of erratic behavior with folks (what a cruel joke of destiny, that it happens to be the game from the CREATORS of the engine...)
              ONE GAME. And someone says: Change your bus latency settings or check your SATA-cables?!?
              Come on... Using of some kind of a common sense is advisable.
              The PCI-e tip?
              The game is moddable. Even a clueless uscript programmer like me figured out that you can have fine grained control everywhere. Ex: the color correction and effects of any object ingame, texture, mesh, actor, etc...

              Now, this is more less the sequence of a graphics command:
              Unreal Engine virtual machine code -> Native CPU Engine code -> Direct3D -> Graphics card drivers -> PCI-e bus -> card memory or GPU registers -> GPU processing -> display memory

              That is dumb slow, so you shouldn't want to have a lot of them. Commands should be bundled together in large batches. But my theory was, if the game is mostly written in Uscript and designed to be moddable, it sends one command at a time. Thousands per frame maybe. Because there's no easy way to create those bundles in advance at design time, or they are split and interleaved with custom commands.

              Going back, what's the slowest hardware on that path? And then, I had a similar problem with my buggy Asus P5B that randomly dropped the PCI-e performance from 16x to 1x

              And this gives a straight answer to your suggestion. If the problem is something to do with drivers etc., then why it doesn't manifest itself in OTHER UT3-ENGINE GAMES? Graphically even more demanding than UT3... You can always be a fanboy, but a fact is that Epic has f***ed this up.
              Yes, I know it's hard job to track bugs with all the different configurations...
              This theory just pulled out of my ... is the best that I can figure out about the -onethread trick:
              The CPU is the device that has to coordenate and process everything. It's the one that has to deal with the engine, with the bloated Winblows Direct3D and graphics card drivers, reading your input, dealing with sound and communication on the crappy integrated sound and network cards. Now, if UT3 uses all the cores, it can make some other activities starve, at least on non-clean systems that delay one of the cores. Ex: suddenly UT3 internal thread nr 3 is late because UT3 thread 1 wasn't allowing system thread 5 to dispatch audio or graphics thread 4 dispatch gfx card commands. No f'ing clue, but as I said on the previous post, try to disable the graphics card multi-threading drivers.

              But as someone wise sometime said: If you can't stand the heat, then stay out of the kitchen...
              Are you advising them to leave the PC platform?


                Originally posted by PhenomFX
                For the same reason it works better on XP, cause XP DOES NOT optimized at all for dual core cpu, so the game actually work on 1 thread only, even if u write "-onethread" there won't be difference.
                Please could you explain why Vista/Server 2003/Server 2008 optimize for dual-core and XP doesn't? Please, could you provide a link with the differences? Man, I'm not trolling here, I'm really interested


                  Jesus, it's a regular muppet convention in here.


                    Originally posted by Benfica View Post
                    Are you advising them to leave the PC platform?
                    When you look at their couple last efforts (UT3 and GoW), they should at least give it a good hard thinking