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Suspense crashes ut3 (vista 64bit)

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    Suspense crashes ut3 (vista 64bit)


    I recently switched from win xp to vista 64bit (all updates). everything works fine except one thing: everytime when I try to play "suspense" it crashes during loading screen back to desktop with this message "UT3.exe is not working anymore...". It`s only on suspense. what`s is so special about this map?
    Has someone a suggestion how to solve this problem? Would be great because 90% of my playtime are co-op with my friends. unfortunatly suspense comes early in the campaign...

    I already stopped virusprogs and other background aplications but no effect.

    My sys:

    Asus P45 P5Q pro
    HD 3870
    4gb ram ddr2 800 (cl5)
    nothing oced

    you might try disabling the high graphics styling that vista has if you have it enabled. also try setting all of your graphics detail to 1 (world detail and texture detail). then set the resolution to something low like 1024x768 or 800x600.

    also, did you upgrade from xp to vista? or did you do a clean install (installing ut3 after vista was installed)?


      it`s a clean install, no upgrade.

      aero and everything that needs a lot of performance is turned off.

      i tried different graphic settings ingame, too.

      different resolutions make no difference.

      it`s really strange that only this one map is affected.

      any other suggestions?



        i fixed that by reinstalling the game. now its working right. hopefully forever...

        maybe it didn`t like one of the win updates or just the defrag?