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Crash on entering vehicles - X-FI

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    Crash on entering vehicles - X-FI

    I've had UT3 installed on my system for some time, and rather foolishly I feel now, decided to upgrade my sound system to X-Fi gamer.

    While I know of the OpenAL crashes, and have hence disabled it, I now have a rather annoying lock up whenever I try to enter Viper, Scorpion or Hellbender vehicles.

    All sounds stop *after* the vehicles entry sound is played, and then the PC locks. No Ctrl+alt+del helps, no alt+f4, and no sounds or further movement on screen.

    Intel Duo processor
    Gigabyte X48 motherboard
    Xfire Ati 4870
    X-Fi gamer sound card
    2 gig ram

    Any have any similar problems, or any thoughts for a solution?

    Strange. I have only heard of problems with X-RAM versions. I'm running on X-Fi Xtreme Gamer (I suposse you're speaking about that one, not Fatal1ty one) and it works all fine for me since the first day. And on Vista Ultimate X64..


      man I have the exact same problem, but it started happenning after i upgraded to my 4870


        It's really odd. No problems with any other games so far.

        It's crashes occasionally on respawning, and the vehicle it crashes varies. Sometimes it will elt me enter a viper fine, sometimes it will freeze. It's like it's trying to do soemething everytime I should change location (ie into a vehicle, or respawning) and sometimes it doesn't like it and freezes.

        I'm really stuck on how to fix this. Upgraded to new Creative drivers, ATI drivers are the latest.

        Any thoughts?