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help with adding skins! REAL HELP

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    help with adding skins! REAL HELP

    Ok so I know I know that this has been posted 100 times before and dont flame me for asking this

    Ok so lets say im downloading the master chief skin pack, I extract the upk or whatever to Customchars, I extract the other .u or whatever to scripts, I got into the customchar.ini and copy and paste the code right before the end, and it doesnt work, all it does is make me totally fail in game and I cant evne move my character in game? any suggestions?

    If I remember correctly, the master chief is called spartan in some of it's files. There should be 4 .upk files in your 'CustomChar' folder. Yeah, .u file in the 'Script' folder.

    The problem is that you copied and pasted the .ini file. The .ini file should have been in a folder labeled something like 'UT3_Spartan'. You should have just placed the folder with the .ini file in your 'CustomChar' folder.

    To fix it, there are 2 things you can do. Place the 'UT3_Spartan' folder in your 'CustomChar' folder and delete the text you pasted in the 'UTCustomChar.ini' file. The other option is to open your 'UTCustomChar.ini' file. The text you copied and pasted most likely looked like several lines of this:

    +Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="UT3_Model_Maste rchief3_EE.HMC3_head",PartID="HMC3",FamilyID="Spar tanB")

    What you will need to do is delete the '+' from the beginning of each of those lines so that they all look like this:

    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="UT3_Model_Master chief3_EE.HMC3_head",PartID="HMC3",FamilyID="Spart anB")

    That should fix it for you