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Bonus pack PS3 problem.

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    Bonus pack PS3 problem.

    The problem:

    I have a US version of Unreal Tournament 3. The game installed on my 60 Gig PS3 with no problems, thanks to me hooking up my PS3 at a friends house, as my internet access is limited to my laptop at home.

    I downloaded the UT3 Bonus Pack, installed it. I then boot up the game and can't see any of the Bonus Pack content. I then go Online and the server tells me i need a file called LT_Morbias even though i am not trying to play on the Morbias Map.

    So how do i install the Bonus Pack onto a US edition of Unreal Tournament 3? Evidently the game isn't recognising the pack, even though it has gone through the motions of installing it?

    Surey i candownload it from some place rather than the blasted Playstation EU store? Or can i just upload from a Server the LT_Morbias file that i need?

    Thank you.