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UT3 Crash?!!?!?!

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    Here's one way to find out if it is UTCustomChar.ini file. Since you can start up the game, try to start up another instant action match. When you are setting it up, select the bots this time instead of letting the game pick randomly. Select default characters that should be safe, like Lauren, Reaper, etc. If you can play a match, then it's most likely the recent character you just added. Try to start a match with just that bot and see if crashes again.

    Now if you can, try to find the entries in the UTCustomChar.ini for that character. All the default characters parts will start with 'CH_', like 'CH_Krall'. If you can't, then worst case scenario would be to delete the UTCustomChar.ini file. This should be the one in your 'MyDocuments/MyGames/UT3/UTGame/Config' folder. The game will create a new one, set back to the default settings. You'll then need to re-enter all your custom characters again into the new UTCustomChar.ini.

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    UT3 Crash?!!?!?!

    when i open ut3 it all comes up perfectly...but when i go to like instant action and start a game, it would only show the loading screen, then i would bring up the error message? i have played this game worked happended right when i added another custom character..i think it might be the customcharacter.cofig file....i might of screwed that up...i have reinstalled it..but no work...if somebody can tell me what is inside the original customcharacter.cofig file, that might be enough to help...plz HELP!