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UT3 Xbox 360 Acheivment

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    UT3 Xbox 360 Acheivment

    Yeah, I go into instant action and I play Duel with a god like bot and set the kills to 20. I then kill him 20 times without dying at all and it says unstoppable and doesnt give me the achievment. This also happens to my friend. But he did it twice, once team deathmatch and again on duel. The first time he went to 40 kills and 0 deaths and second time he got to 26 then died.

    Niether of us have gotten the untouchable achievment. The Achievment says "Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying."
    Why is this happening????

    make sure to finish the match


      can u recommend a map for this achivement.


        Heat Ray.

        lol have u not seen the guides?
        i just completed this minutes ago.

        go on that one and chill till the lil turrent necris vehicle come off the ship. and use that to kill the godlike bot.

        look up unstoppable achievement on youtube as well.