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Downloading Custom Maps Connection Failure

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    Downloading Custom Maps Connection Failure

    More times than not, when I start downloading a custom map the download just suddently stops and stays there untill I get a "connection failure". This usually means that the server switched maps.

    There have been times where I would get on an empty server that has custom maps and when the download freezes I just walk away. Yesterday this happened and I left for 2 hours and when I returned the download was still stuck at the (%) percentage that it was when I left it. So I cancelled out and went to another server. The game it's self is not hanging up, it's something to do with the download process. I've cleared my cache and that has not made a difference.

    > Is anyone else running into this?

    > Is there any trick out there to solve this issue?


    Im having problems downloading maps when the server changes maps... It freezes, then I get a connection timed out error. It works great when I first join the server, but when the server is switching maps, it hangs up and times out... Is this kinda what error your getting?


      This is a known problem that will supposedly be fixed with the next patch.


        RLMCCOY, there is no "error message". It just hangs up. I was downloading a map and it got to 88% and stopped. I left for an hour and came back and it was still at 88%. With some servers it works well but, with others this problem happens with just about every custom map.

        I can't believe this is not being discussed. This is a serious issue. Is there a work-around?

        Without a reliable download system for custom maps the community is going to suffer more. It's bad enough that there's no compression for redirect but, this problem is really bad.


          Obviously patch 1.3 did fix it. I'm still seeing this from different servers that run custom content. Downloading content from some servers works fine but, other still don't. Is it a client side issue or is it a server side issue?

          IS THERE A FIX?


            I've notice that this happens on some server but, not others. Does anyone know what's going on as it relates to this issue????