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KB/M Lag Hardware/Software problem on PS3?

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    KB/M Lag Hardware/Software problem on PS3?

    My question is simple and directed to any person that is inside the game development enough to be able to answer my question.

    One of the biggest problem on PS3 UT3 is the lag on the mouse as it is obviously stated by players.

    My question is simple.

    Is the Lag originated on the game itself (vsync not being disabled, KB/M interruptions not as frequent as they should be, and much other things that could be worked around) or is the lag a problem of PS3 system and its peripherals??!!

    Is it possible for EPIC to fix this problem or do we have to flood SONY's with request's to get KB/M responses faster than they are?

    I ask this because I noticed even on the PS3 system, writing with keyboard or navigating with mouse has the same lag as the lag experienced in-game.