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I am about to throw UT3 in the bin!

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    I am about to throw UT3 in the bin!

    Can any one please tell me why it seams almost impossible to change any of the settings in UT3 so it can resemble the clearness of UT2004 and game play style as well.

    I can not seem to loose the whitewash/faded display no matter what I adjust. I can have brightness low, gamma high and mess with postprocessing too but always seems to be faded making seeing opponents really hard.

    Then there is mouse acceleration, I have found something on it in the UTinput file but this is taking the ****! where are the menus gone from UT2004 so we can make adjustments in game?

    Further more, going back to the display problems I am having, every increment seems to make a huge difference, where are the fine, accurate sliders from UT2004 gone so we can tweak to a precise setting.

    I am finding game play frustrating and certainly not fun, worse still because it is a computer game I know I would never be able to get my money back! I am so ****** off that I have wasted so much money on a game that seems to have gone backwards in design and not forwards.

    Can anyone please help or should I really just uninstall the game and find something else to play?

    check the link in my sig for clarity tweaks
    or just:
    FloatingPointRenderTargets=False (may make darker colors a bit ugly, so i keep DepthOfField=True)


      You can also download Brad G's UT3 Tweaker and make all the detailed graphics changes you want without having to open a config file yourself. It also has many other great functions, check it out.


        You do have a really poor graphics card. You need to only use low details and low resolution to get playable fps, which means it will look like ****.

        Here is a benchmark showing the performance of an 8500GT. You will find the 8500GT way down on the bottom of the list with the 7300GT and HD2400XT

        If your thinking about buying a replacement card, this will help;,1942.html



          You need at least 512 megs of video ram for this game to work at all, or even look good!!
          Geforce 8800 GTX 768 megs is perfect!!

          not sure about your AMD chip, i would go with intel. AMD is going down!!



            Originally posted by kinglouie View Post
            You need at least 512 megs of video ram for this game to work at all, or even look good!!
            Massive exaggeration! Has nothing to do with what he's asking anyway.


              Many thanks for first 2 replies, looking at it now, apologies for last 3 replies, forgot to update my signature.... wondered at first wth you were going on about lol


                Your reply is over nine months late.